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Table 1 Data collected on students and their emails

From: Etiquette for medical students’ email communication with faculty members: a single-institution study

Categories Specific parameters Possible entries / Point
General information (Student) Course (at the time mailed) PM, M
Gender Male/Female
Year of birth 4-digit # (YYYY)
Admission type UEP, GEP
General information (Email) Email date 8-digit # (YYYYMMDD)
Email initiated by a student Yes / Noa)
Email account provider SNU email (
Non-SNU email (other than
Email evaluation criteria Subject line (Q1, Q2) Q1. Clarity and conciseness Clear and concise description of the purpose +2
Irrelevant subject lineb) +1
No subject 0
Q2. Name of the subject States the name of a curriculum subject +1 (Checklist, add point)
Message body (Q3–Q8) Q3. Salutation Greetings and Dear Dr./Professor +2
Greetings or Dear Dr./Professor +1
No salutation 0
Q4. Self-identification c), d) Class level and SIN +2
Class level or SIN +1
None of the two 0
Q5. Readability Having sufficient readability or comprehensibilitye), f) +1 (Checklist, add point)
Q6. Use of honorifics Using proper honorifics throughout the email d) +1 (Checklist, add point)
Q7. Use of internet slang Not using internet slang such as ungrammatical abbreviations or emoticonsd) +1 (Checklist, add point)
Q8. Closing remarks Including proper closing remarks +1 (Checklist, add point)
Sign-off (Q9) Name and complimentary closing +2
Name only +1
No signature or self-identification 0
Global impression of politeness (Q10)   1 (very impolite) – 4 (very polite)
  1. a)“No” indicates that the email was sent in reply to the faculty members’ email; b) This includes the name of the sender, salutation, or greetings. c)These criteria can be skipped if an email is sent in reply to an email from a faculty; d)The subject line as well as the message body was subjected to evaluation; e)An email with “no message body” gets 0 points; f)Evaluate grammatical or spelling errors and whether paragraphs are separated properly
  2. PM premedical course, M medical course, UEP undergraduate-entry program, GEP graduate-entry program, SNU Seoul National University