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Table 2 Barriers and Motivations

From: Motivations, barriers and ethical understandings of healthcare student volunteers on a medical service trip: a mixed methods study

Dependent Variables - Motivations/Barriers Median Responsea
 Interacting with other cultures 5
 Interacting with other health professionals 5
 Educational opportunity 5
 Philanthropy/helping others 5
 Develop my clinical skills 5
 Improved personal confidence 4
 Pure enjoyment 4
 Improved interpersonal skills 4
 Opportunity for travel 4
 Improved foreign language skills 4
 Help build my résumé/CV 3
 Receiving class credit 2
 Someone asked me to volunteer 1
 Cost of the trip 4
 Time commitment 4
 Substandard working conditions 3
 Substandard living conditions 3
 Language barriers 3
 Paperwork/administrative barriers 3
 Exposure to infectious diseases 3
 Threat of crime 2
 Prefer to use free time for leisure, not volunteering 2
  1. aResponse scale of 1 to 5, where 1 = not important at all, 5 = very important