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Table 4 Student opinions about Traditional teaching method

From: Improving gross anatomy learning using reciprocal peer teaching

Opinion Response (%)
Effect of the current dissection practice on my gross  
Anatomy education  
 Strongly negative 1
 Mildly negative 11
 Neutral 5
 Mildly positve 33
 Strongly positive 50
The greatest benefit of the current dissection practice  
 Enhanced learning anatomy 71
 More efficient use of time 17
 Experience of teaching peers 6
 No benefits of traditional method 2
 Builds confidence 4
The greatest drawback of the current dissection practice  
 Not enough time in lab 22
 Few opportunities to dissect 37
 Didn’t receive adequate teaching from Peers 21
Prior experience with traditional dissection method  
 Yes 0.8
 No 99.2