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Table 3 Thematic overview of cases compared to percentage of participants who answered correctly on first attempt

From: A mixed methods approach to developing and evaluating oncology trainee education around minimization of adverse events and improved patient quality and safety

Case take home message Total % correct responses on first attempt combined Average number of attempts required to retire case Minimum number of attempts to retire case Maximum number of attempts to retire case
For patients at home, toxicities are serious and must be monitored and managed as closely as any reactions observed in the clinic or hospital. Ipilimumab can result in an autoimmune phenomenon that requires treatment with steroids. 64.29 % 1 1 4
Fertility preservation should be discussed with all patients of child bearing age, including sperm banking which should be offered whenever possible before a young man begins chemotherapy. 67.44 % 1 1 2
Spinal cord compression is an emergency and requires neurosurgical or radiation intervention. 71.05 % 1 1 2
Patients may not volunteer that they are not taking their medications as prescribed. Physicians should work with ancillary and nursing services to address these issues as low adherence can cause poorer clinical outcomes. 71.79 % 1 1 2
It is important for trainees to report errors that do not lead to harm as well as near misses so that we can collectively improve the safety of our systems of care. Medical errors should be disclosed to patients in a thoughtful way that involves appropriate risk management staff. 78.38 % 1 1 3
Drug/drug interactions are vital to review when prescribing oral chemotherapy. Capecitabine can potentiate warfarin levels and result in life-threatening bleeding. 78.95 % 1 1 2
Recognize the inappropriate, appropriate and required indications for use of growth factor support. 87.88 % 1 1 1
Due to the risk of life-threatening infection, it is vital to immediately treat neutropenic fever. Steroids can mask a fever so clinical judgment must be used to watch for signs/symptoms. 100 % 1 1 5