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Table 1 Comparison of participants’ hepatitis B knowledge before and after online training

From: Evaluation of the first open-access hepatitis B and safe injection online training course for health professionals in China

Questions Pre-course correct answer Post-course correct answer McNemar’s test P value
  n (%) n (%)   
Q1. Symptoms of chronic hepatitis B (single choice)
 a. Always has symptoms
 b. Most of time is symptomatic
c. Usually is asymptomatic
760 (81.6) 896 (96.1) 120.10 <0.001
Q2. Complications of chronic hepatitis B (single choice)
 a. Liver damage and cirrhosis
 b. Liver cancer
 c. Premature death
d. All of the above
773 (82.9) 859 (92.2) 57.78 <0.001
Q3. Transmission routes of hepatitis B (multiple choices)
 a. Contaminated food and water
b. Contaminated blood
c. Reuse of needle and syringes
d. Unprotected sex with infected person
e. Infected mother infect the newborn during delivery
 f. Shake hands with infected persons
 g. Sneezing or coughing
 h. Share food and utensils with infected person
470 (50.4) 711 (76.3) 186.76 <0.001
Q4. Ways to prevent the transmission of hepatitis B (multiple choices)
 a. Make sure food is well cooked
b. Get hepatitis B vaccination
c. Avoid reuse of needles and syringes
 d. Avoid drinking contaminated water
542 (58.2) 773 (82.9) 180.88 <0.001
Q5. Regular checkup tests for persons with chronic hepatitis B (multiple choices)
 a. AFP test
b. ALT test
c. Abdominal ultrasound
 d. No need to test when there is no symptoms
379 (40.7) 742 (79.6) 331.91 <0.001
Q6. Types of hepatitis that can lead to chronic infection (multiple choices)
 a. Hepatitis A
b. Hepatitis B
c. Hepatitis C
500 (53.7) 602 (64.6) 51.00 <0.001
All 6 questions 183 (19.6) 395 (42.4) 187.27 <0.001
  1. Answers in bold were correct answers