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Table 2 Balancing structured and tailored learning activities in a LIC site

From: Towards tailored teaching: using participatory action research to enhance the learning experience of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship students in a South African rural district hospital

Degree of structure Activities Learning
Structured Weekly roster of activities (e.g., clinical activities, specialist outreach visits and scheduled assessments) Planned, sheltered teaching and learning time (e.g., time with family physician or visiting specialist)
Individualised/ Tailored Determined by variability of patients presenting to emergency centre or primary care clinic, especially if there is a self-identified need of student to see a patient with a specific condition required for patient portfolio (according to the prescribed list of ‘common conditions’);
Also determined by the variability of context, e.g., supervisory capacity of clinician educators during workload fluctuations.
Ad-hoc learning activity to address individual’s learning needs (e.g., individual student’s learning gap identified in shared patient consultation or book-learning for assessment)