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Table 5 Participants satisfaction from the training on Likert’s scale

From: Efficacy and acceptability of an “App on sick newborn care” in physicians from newborn units

Participants satisfaction scale Likert’s scale
Flow diagram was explicit and clearly defined 4 (4–5)
PDF on STP was explicit and clearly defined 5 (4–5)
Procedures /skill videos was explicit and clearly defined 5 (4–5)
Overall content was explicit and clearly defined 4.5 (4–5)
Equipment demonstration was explicit 4 (4–5)
Training useful for professional activities 5 (4–5)
Workshop on APPs has increased your confidence to achieve personal objectives 5 (1–5)
Will you be able to implement the techniques learnt during the sessions 4 (4–5)
The session will help to put the knowledge gained into practice 4 (4–5)
You achieved overall satisfaction from the course 4 (4–5)
The videos and procedure related skills are related to the context and helpful 4 (4–5)
The application is easy to learn. 4 (4–5)
The application is interactive and user friendly 4 (4–5)
The content adds to your previous knowledge and understanding of the specific topic 4 (4–5)
The algorithm approach was very useful 4 (4–5)
  1. Note: 1 = Strongly Disagree,2 = Disagree, 3 = Neither agree nor disagree, 4 = Agree, 5 = Strongly Agree