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Table 1 Content of the topics used in module

From: Efficacy and acceptability of an “App on sick newborn care” in physicians from newborn units

Topic Core Content
Hypothermia • Approach to a neonate with hypothermia
  • Video on temperature recording
Seizures • Approach to a neonate with seizures
  • Common causes of seizures
  • Differences between seizures and jitteriness
  • Protocol for administration of common anticonvulsants
  • Video on blood glucose estimation
Shock • Approach to a neonate with shock
  • Monitoring of a baby with neonatal shock
  • Video on insertion and fixation of intravenous line
Feeding of the low birth weight and sick neonate • Choosing the initial feeding method and stepwise approach of increasing the feed volume
  • Video on alternative feeding method
  • Video on breast milk expression