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Table 2 Results of qualitative analysis with categories, themes and number of codes

From: Work-family balance by women GP specialist trainees in Slovenia: a qualitative study

Categories Themes Subthemes No of codes
Burdens Types Burdens at work 14
Burdens in specialisation 8
Burdens at home 4
Causes Insufficient qualification 4
Junior work status 8
Collective self perception 10
Consequences Dissatisfaction, feeling guilty 4
Neglecting self- needs 7
Exhaustion/burnout 17
Empowerment Work as pleasure   3
Positive attitude toward self Optimism 3
Feeling successful 5
Self-care 25
Coordination Priorities   4
Planning a family and family life   6
Help Partner 6
Parents 3
Colleagues and the team 7
Needs for better coordination The understanding of superiors   4
Disburdening   8
Changing in the specialisation/training organisation   5