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Table 3 Summary of instruments used in the evaluation of the AusSETT Program

From: A national training program for simulation educators and technicians: evaluation strategy and outcomes

  Instrument Respondent Evaluation component Example
1 Module review Consortium experts External experts Structure Process Not applicable
2 Baseline questionnaires Participants Faculty Structure Additional file 1
3 Observation of workshops External experts Structure Process Outcomes Additional file 1
4 End of module evaluations Participants Process Outcomes Additional file 1
5 Individual interviews Participants Structure ProcessOutcomes Additional file 1
  1. Data in the study were obtained via 5 instruments presented in Table 3. These are itemised in the first column and include module reviews, baseline questionnaires, workshop observations, end of module evaluations as well as individual interviews. The second column in the box specifies who were involved during the use of each evaluation instrument. The third column indicates which aspect of the program was being evaluated when each instrument was applied; structure, process and outcomes. The last column point to an example of each instrument within the Additional file 1