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Table 3 Measuring the key constructs of a structural model used to evaluate the experience of student volunteers in a community-based organization (N = 170)

From: Community-based clinic volunteering: an evaluation of the direct and indirect effects on the experience of health science college students

  I am fully aware of my roles and responsibilities. 77.68 20.91
  I am given a sufficient amount of time to fulfill my duties. 84.88 17.30
  I have the resources and facilities to complete my assigned tasks properly. 83.29 18.39
  I receive appropriate and timely feedback for the tasks I perform. 71.53 23.08
 Support received
  My opinions are listened to. 76.35 22.41
  My achievements and contributions are recognized. 74.50 24.21
  My interests are taken into consideration for the duties I am asked to perform. 76.47 23.78
  My concerns and inquiries are addressed. 79.56 21.95
 Motivation level
  When I perform well, I know it’s because of my own desire to achieve. 81.85 18.40
  Becoming an integral member of the team is something I want to do for myself. 77.65 21.42
  If I were independently wealthy, I would still volunteer here. 84.29 20.15
  I feel that I am performing a useful and very much needed service. 80.06 22.49
  I do not mind at all that I am not getting paid for my participation. 92.71 13.18
 Commitment level
  I am extremely loyal. 67.26 25.44
  This is my first choice for a community organization to work at. 70.24 26.66
  I am very knowledgeable about this organization (i.e., programs and services). 67.32 22.99
  When I work here, I feel important. 67.79 25.93
  My preference for this organization as an ideal workplace would not willingly change. 68.56 23.35
  I care about the long-term success of this place and its influence in the community. 87.15 18.92
 Training received
  I received training for my specific roles and responsibilities. 69.85 22.61
  I gained knowledge on the organization’s mission, main goals, and objectives. 81.59 19.42
  The training sessions had informative and practical knowledge. 73.12 23.33
  I applied the knowledge I acquired from the training sessions to my duties. 72.71 24.23
 Performance level
  I complete my duties in a timely manner. 84.94 14.31
  I achieve beyond what is expected of me on a regular basis. 72.29 18.34
  I show improvement in the tasks I perform. 78.35 15.44
  Client satisfaction is my top priority. 85.74 13.76
  I am able to communicate cordially with my fellow colleagues. 87.00 14.09
  I am good at my job. 80.53 14.13
 Satisfaction level
  My work is like a hobby to me. 71.79 23.21
  I am always enthusiastic about my work. 77.11 19.09
  My job is usually interesting enough to keep me from getting bored. 75.77 22.28
  I enjoy my work more than my leisure time. 53.36 26.72
  I feel that I am happier in my work than most other people. 68.60 22.69
  I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from the work I do. 81.79 18.71
 Overall experience
  The work I do is meaningful. 79.49 19.58
  The work I do is challenging. 64.23 26.82
  My work offers me a career path that I am pleased with. 73.18 23.37
  I have built long-lasting relationships as a result of my work. 62.83 26.36
  I am able to balance my personal and professional life. 73.42 21.73
  I like the work I do. 78.24 21.93