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Table 1 SNAPPS [1] and One-Minute Preceptor (Six Microskills) [2]

From: How do case presentation teaching methods affect learning outcomes?-SNAPPS and the One-Minute preceptor

1. Summarize briefly the history and findings
2. Narrow the differential to 2–3 relevant possibilities
3. Analyze the differential by comparing and contrasting the possibilities
4. Probe the preceptor by asking questions about uncertainties, difficulties, or alternative approaches
5. Plan management for the patient’s medical issues
6. Select a case-related issue for self-directed learning
One-Minute Preceptor (Six Microskills)
1. Get a commitment
2. Probe for supporting evidence
3. Teach general rules
4. Reinforce what was right
5. Correct mistakes
6. Identify next learning steps