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Table 9 Elements of engagement supported by VPS activities

From: Evaluating medical student engagement during virtual patient simulations: a sequential, mixed methods study

Exit survey items related to engagement % Strongly agree or agree Supported by
1. VPS added variety to the learning environment. 92.4 % Tutor comments
Analysis memos
2. I enjoyed working on the tasks. 85.6 % Photographs
Tutor Feedback
Analysis Memos
3. VPS provided exposure to new experiences. 78.8 % Observations
4. VPS provided relevant feedback. 78.8 % Observations
5. VPS increased my interest in clinical practice. 71.5 % Photographs
6. I did not realize how time passed. 67.3 % Photographs
Analysis Memos
7. I found the tasks to be quite exciting. 63.5 % Photographs
Analysis Memos
8. I was completely absorbed in the activity. 60.6 % Photographs
Tutor Feedback