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Table 8 Exit survey open comments by theme and frequency

From: Evaluating medical student engagement during virtual patient simulations: a sequential, mixed methods study

Theme n Frequency/code Sample student comments
General Comment 18 4 no improvements to recommend Facilitator discussions
“Facilitator discussions are way better (but it depends a lot on which facilitator).”
1 sims were good activities
1 refining the sims
1 not sure they are effective
1 facilitator discussions
Activity Format 14 6 triads should meet in separate rooms Triads should meet in separate rooms.
“Videos are a nice idea but when several groups are together in the same room we couldn’t really watch the videos or if we did the sound would overlap with each other so a lot of times we didn’t even bother to watch the videos even though they looked informative and interesting.”
5 when to schedule the sims
1 add complexity to the activity worksheet
1 would’ve rather picked my group
1 students should prepare prior to the simulation
Desire for Individual Study 4 3 bank of simulation situations Bank of Simulation Situations.
“Eventually, if you’re able to develop a bank of simulation situations, I think that would be really helpful. I would practice them in my own time.”
1 independent study
Case Content 6 2 review material too extensive Review Material Side Loops
“There were so many asides when all I wanted to do was assess and treat my patient. I didn’t want to learn about each aspect of care as I made decisions. I wanted to assess, think quickly, treat, and then find out what happened—kind of like a video game.”
1 increase the complexity of the cases
1 match case content to large group lesson
1 tasks too detailed
1 diagnosis feedback
Diagnosis Feedback
“Go through the scenario and then provide relative information on why certain diagnoses are correct. More pertinent negatives would also be helpful. In other words, I want to know why certain diagnoses are wrong.”
Case Format 6 2 embedded videos Patient Chart
“Have the option to go back and look at the HPI a and previous screens in case we forgot what the age and specific symptoms of the patient was.”
2 patient chart
1 length of case
1 linear flow of case
Clarity 7 3 feedback Feedback
“Sometimes it would say when I answered correctly and other times it didn’t. It was most helpful when I knew if I was right in my reasoning.”
1 answer choices
1 questions
1 spelling
1 grammar
Quantity of Text 4 4 reduce the text Reduce the Text
“Some pages of the VPS had a lot of text. Since we were given a time limit to get as far as we could in the case, we found that we would briefly skim or just completely skip these long passages.”
Time Constraints 10 8 20 min insufficient Time Constraints
I would like more time for each activity in order to be able to absorb the materials more completely.”
2 timer
  1. aHistory of the Present Illness (HPI)