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Table 3 Themes identified from student comments

From: Medical and pharmacy student concerns about participating on international service-learning trips

Theme(s) Representative students’ comments
Empathy ➢ “A great ‘life’ learning experience. A trip that solidifies compassion to a new degree.”
Cultural Awareness ➢ “Learned new culture – Friendship”
➢ “Exposure to providing health-care to a group of people with a different culture and language”
Professional Development ➢ “Did my first surgery, saw my first patient, networked with doctors and other students, and got inspired for using my skills in my own under-served areas and those abroad.”
➢ “I learned a lot of clinical skills, including physical exam techniques and perhaps more importantly communication skills.”
Impact on patient population/Impact on health professional ➢ “Exposure to health-care in a completely different country and patient population.”
➢ “Belief that we have a positive impact on people’s lives.”