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Table 6 Evaluation of level 3 (transfer) of the Kirkpatrick model: summaries of the progress report from five countries

From: Evaluation of an international faculty development program for developing countries in Asia: the Seoul Intensive Course for Medical Educators

Country Title of the project Target participants Related SICME Modules
Cambodia Workshop on Lesson Plan 33 faculty members of UHS Module 1, Module 2
Laos – Project 1. Provincial TOT Workshop – Project 1: Training Committees from 5 provinces of Lao PDR, in total, 60 participants. Module 1, Module 2, Module 5
– Project 2. Asian Academic Partnership Consortium – Project 2: 40 participants from University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Postgraduate Study. 5 from Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Nepal.
– Project 3. Training Management Workshop – Project 3: Training Management Committees from 5 provinces of Lao PDR, in total, 36 participants.
Mongolia Establishing Faculty Development Center Private and Public University Faculties Module 5
Myanmar – Project 1. Curriculum development in line with accreditation – Project 1: Members of the Academic board who are involved in curriculum development will be invited to Professor Shin's workshop Module 1, Module 2
– Project 2. Evaluation of teaching learning aspects using a Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) survey in basic science teaching faculty – Project 2: Teaching faculty of basic science subjects at the University of Medicine 1
– Project 3. Medical education introduction for Junior teaching faculty – Project 3: Junior teaching faculty
Vietnam Student Assessment Development New medical educators who have experiences less than 2 years. Module 3