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Table 2 Structured feedback delivery guide for PBL tutorial facilitators

From: Utilizing students’ experiences and opinions of feedback during problem based learning tutorials to develop a facilitator feedback guide: an exploratory qualitative study

Feedback domain Description
Problem conceptualization & Knowledge construction process To what extent did students. • Understand the problem presented? E.g. understanding the central theme of the problem • Identify key concepts in the problem? • Activate their prior knowledge to solve the problem? • Formulate an action learning plan? E.g. deriving the learning objectives to cover knowledge gaps • Apply knowledge gained from self-directed learning? E.g. showing evidence of new acquired knowledge in the discussion • Use evidence gathered? E.g. supporting the discussion with opinions and ideas with reference to sources of information.
Participation and team work (Collaborative learning) To what extent did students. • Share knowledge acquired? E.g. actively giving information in the discussion, clarifying issues and providing   counter-arguments. • Ask questions for clarification of ideas and concepts within the group? • Clarify issues to peers? • Practice collaborative learning? E.g. willingness to learn from each other in a collaborative and not competitive manner.
Communication and interpersonal skills To what extent did students. • Listen to each other during the discussion? • Express their ideas/arguments loudly, clearly, confidently and precisely? • Organize their ideas? E.g. demonstrating coherent and logical flow of ideas in their discussion/arguments. • Show respect, maturity, self-control and concern when discussing with colleagues in the group? • Demonstrate conflict resolution skills? E.g. addressing any conflict situations in a positive way where each member   benefits resulting into shared learning.
Time management and leadership To what extent did students. • Show punctuality? E.g. being in time for the tutorial. • Manage time schedules? E.g. addressing learning objectives in time, adhering to stipulated time in the tutorial discussion,   remaining focused to issues. • Exercise leadership skills? E.g. the Student Chairperson controlling the group effectively, his/her strengths & weaknesses   and what needs be improved.
Self and peer evaluation (Reflective practice) To what extent did students. • Identify what they did well? • Identify gaps that need improvement? • Evaluate each other (peer to peer evaluation)? • Positively respond to feedback given?
  1. N.B: The PBL facilitator should package his/her feedback message around the bulleted points against each domain. This feedback delivery guide is a supplement to the facilitator guide which has the detailed subject content, and not a substitute