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Table 8 Nurse’s general comments to thromoprophyalxis use

From: Education and practice gaps on atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation: a survey of cardiovascular nurses

General comments about thromboprophylaxis use in patients with AF
“new agent dabigatran easier to manage patients”
“If medical officers have had a patient with a bleed, I find it makes them more cautious with subsequent patients”
“Some INR levels are very hard to control despite well-educated and compliant patient. Need new ideas i.e. Watchman LAA devices”
“It’s variable and physician choice”
“Until an antidote is developed for the newer anticoagulants we don’t use them. In some rare cases we do but often last choice”
“Dr’s do all the decision making. Uses CHADS 2 / CHA 2 DS 2 VASc”
“Quick uptake of NOAC agents but often without evidence (e.g. prosthetic valves & AF)”