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Table 3 Results of confirmatory factor analysis and multivariate regression analysis of each study item

From: The interplay between academic performance and quality of life among preclinical students

Domain items Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4
Physical health
 Energy 0.70    
 Mobility 0.56    
 Sleep and rest 0.59    
 Activities of daily living 0.85    
 Work capacity 0.78    
Psychological health
 Spirituality   0.62   
 Self-esteem   0.58   
 Thinking, learning, memory and concentration   0.55   
 Personal beliefs   0.38   
 Bodily image and appearance   0.57   
 Positive feelings   0.81   
 Negative feeling   0.57   
Social relations
 Personal relationships    0.84  
 Social acceptance    0.73  
 Social support    0.75  
 Physical safety     0.56
 Physical environment     0.41
 Financial resources     0.61
 Opportunities for acquiring new information     0.53
 Leisure activities     0.46
 Home environment     0.66
 Accessibility of health care     0.67