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Table 1 Modified Preparedness for Hospital Practice

From: Paramedicine students’ perception of preparedness for clinical placement in Australia and New Zealand

Survey items by domain: “My paramedic education prepared me to:
Subscale 1: Understanding Science
1. Understand the cellular basis of disease
2. Apply principles of basic science to clinical conditions
3. Justify drug uses on the basis of their mechanisms of action
4. Select drugs on the basis of their costs, risks and benefits
Subscale 2: Practical Skills and Patient Management
5. Record clinical data systematically
6. Carry out an efficient physical examination
7. Carry out basic clinical procedures i.e. recording blood pressure
8. Carry out basic invasive procedures i.e. intravenous catheter insertion
9. Handle medical emergencies i.e. myocardial infarction
Subscale 3: Holistic Care
10. Evaluate the impact of family factors on illness
11. Understand the interaction of social factors with disease (e.g., poverty, unemployment)
12. Appreciate the importance of a patient's cultural/ethnical and religious background