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Table 5 Patients’ (n=8) quantitative post-assessment to evaluate patients’ impressions of the session using a Likert scale from 1–6 (1 = I fully disagree, 6 = I fully agree). Median and Interquartile range

From: Video-based on-ward supervision for final year medical students

Question Median Interquartile range
I was ashamed to be filmed 1 1–1.25
I felt inhibited due to being filmed 1 1–1.25
I felt discomforted by being filmed 1 1–1
Video-taping falsified the situation 1 1–1
I consider watching the video helpful for practical training of final year students 6 6–6
I benefitted myself from video-based on-ward supervision 3,5 1.75–5
I would participate in video-based supervision again in the future 6 6–6