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Table 1 SJT scenario content

From: Evaluating the validity of an integrity-based situational judgement test for medical school admissions

Scenario A medical student…
1 reveals to another that he was not genuinely ill even though he phoned in sick to a tutorial session
2 is questioned about extreme and provocative comments on her Facebook page
3 overhears two fellow students discussing details of a patient’s condition in a café
4 approaches another student asking for the wording of a reference to be changed
5 is worried that her essay has been plagiarised by a friend
6 reveals she was told which topics not to revise for by someone who sat the same exam on a previous day
7 reveals he borrowed a book from a tutor but decided not to return it
8 observes a consultant speaking extremely condescendingly to a nurse
9 refuses to share notes with a fellow student who fails to contribute to group work
10 reveals he will only be attending an optional lecture for the free food provided