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Table 4 The final version of Self-Assessment Scale on Active Learning and Critical Thinking (SSACT)

From: Enhancing students’ learning in problem based learning: validation of a self-assessment scale for active learning and critical thinking

No Items Factors/Subscales
1 I set my own learning objectives for each scenario, in addition to the group objectives. Active Learning
2 I applied various learning strategies during independent study.
3 I was able to summarize the key points of the outcome of the group discussion.
4 I managed my independent study effectively.
5 My behaviour encouraged other members to actively participate in the tutorial process.
6 I reflected on my learning in each scenario based on the objectives that I set myself.
7 I was able to formulate questions based on the scenario. Critical Thinking
8 I communicated my ideas clearly.
9 I performed the role given to me by other group members.
10 In the second meeting, I applied knowledge from my independent study to provide a solution to the problem being discussed.
11 I analysed information in the scenario using relevant theory and concepts.
12 I made links during the tutorial process between my newly acquired knowledge and my previous knowledge.
13 I explained knowledge from the resources in my own words.
14 I could generate a hypothesis to explain the problem under discussion.