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Table 5 Basic global health concepts students were exposed to by using the e-learning program or reading the articles

From: Introducing global health into the undergraduate medical school curriculum using an e-learning program: a mixed method pilot study

CanMEDS roles

Global health concepts


Demonstrate an awareness of how war, conflict, and famine impact the health of individuals.


Recognize how your own cultural biases, values and belief systems may affect your interaction with patients.


Skills include assessing problems, identifying key players, listening to team members, and working together in design and implementation of programs.


In humanitarian contexts, manager skills play a critical role in directing human resources, engaging and training local staff, networking with nongovernmental organizations, and effectively utilizing limited resources.


Being a health advocate means treating your patient in their own particular context, without dismissing their cultural concerns.


As scholars, professionals demonstrate a lifelong commitment to learning, as well as the creation of knowledge.


Professionals learn to maintain healthy boundaries to keep both themselves and their patients safe.