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Table 2 Infrastructural information about e-learning provisions at medical schools (n = 34; results are expressed as percentage of total answers per item). The symbol * indicates a significant difference between medical schools with (44.8 %) and without e-learning staff (17.2 %) with a p < 0.01 (chi-square test of independence)

From: Survey of e-learning implementation and faculty support strategies in a cluster of mid-European medical schools

Questions Yes (%)
Infrastructural information about the provision of e-learning  
Does your medical school offer…  
a) … Performance-orientated financial rewards (LOM)? 75.9 %
b) … Specific LOM for teaching? 66.7 %
c) … Is e-learning associated with the award of LOM? 16.7 %
Do you have permanent staff in your medical school who is employed to deal with e-learning (an e-learning team/department)? 50.0 %
Do you offer training or qualification programs for teachers…  
a) … that deals directly with the authoring systems of programs in use at your medical school? 80.7 %
b) … on the topic of e-learning (general information)? 70.0 %
c) Would you make use of training programs that have been developed at other universities for the training of your teachers? 84.6 %
Does your medical school use electronic means to carry out summative (mandatory) exams? 53.3 %
Does your medical school also offer e-learning formative exams to students? 58.6 %
Do you reward your teachers in some form for…  
a) … the development of e-learning tools/courses? 32.1 %
b) … the implementation of e-learning tools/courses? 33.3 %
Do development and implementation of e-learning tools/courses count towards teaching activities or load? 24.1 %
- If not, is this planned at your medical school for the future? 39.1 %
Would you consider offering e-learning opportunities developed by other medical schools for inclusion in teaching by your medical school, if they fitted into the curriculum? 96.6 %
Are teachers at your medical school encouraged (through instructions, study regulations, etc.) to prepare e-learning tools? 56.7 %
Do you regularly evaluate the opinions, attitudes and experiences of your teachers on the subject of e-learning in your medical school? 31.0 %
Do you regularly evaluate the opinions, attitudes and experiences of your students on the subject of e-learning in your medical school? 62.1 % *
Does your medical school or do your students recognize outstanding e-learning opportunities with awards? 13.3 %