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Table 1 General information about e-learning provision at medical schools (n = 34; results are expressed as percentage of total answers per item). The symbol * indicates a significant difference between medical schools with (34.4 %) and without e-learning staff (9.4 %) with a p < 0.01 (chi-square test of independence)

From: Survey of e-learning implementation and faculty support strategies in a cluster of mid-European medical schools

Question Yes (%)
General information about e-learning at the medical schools  
Do e-learning tools for the education of students exist at your medical school? 100 %
- predominantly mandatory 9.4 %
- predominantly optional 90.6 %
Is there a specific set of recommendations for the application of e-learning by your medical school from the academic board or deanery? 43.8 % *
Do they stipulate the use of a quality assurance code for your e-learning activities?  
- If so, are these quality criteria designed to comply with the standards stipulated by the German Medical Association or similar (please see the PDF file attached for details) 48.4 %
20.0 %
Is there a faculty-wide strategy for increasing the scope and quality of e-learning tools over the coming years in your medical school? 58.1 %
Do you take gender criteria into account when developing e-learning activities? 39.3 %
Do you wish more support from relevant discipline societies (GMA/GMDS etc.) and academic institutions or public agencies (DFG/BMBF/State Ministries) for the development of e-learning activities? 75.9 %