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Table 1 The experienced educational environment: scheme of sub-categories, categories, and themes

From: Exploring chiropractic students’ experiences of the educational environment in healthcare professional training: a qualitative study

Subcategory Category Theme
Different stressors Balancing pressures and demands Personal growth
Need for support when stressed
The guide by the side Seeding for autonomy and motivation
Becoming self-directed
Individual process of learning
Defining the profession Establishing vocational identity Being part of a community
Vocation-related learning Professional advancement
Learning during internship Where it all happens A place of meaningfulness
“The penny drops on the clinic”
Barrier between preclinical and clinical training Detached worlds
Flow from systematic to fragmentary teaching
Forward planning Operative organisation and communication Trust in a regulated system
Importance of the physical environment
Clear communication and information
Feeling of smallness
Feeling of closeness Establishing camaraderie and relations Scaffolding relationships
Social integration and interaction
A feeling of egalitarianism and equity