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Table 2 Rating questions completed by students and coaches

From: Insightful Practice: a robust measure of medical students’ professional response to feedback on their performance

Question Rating scale Completed by
2a. Feedback Improvement Tool FIT. [6] Likert 1-7*1,2  
Source of feedback highlighted: ▪ Student participant
1. Important issues ▪ Face-to-face coach (post-coaching session)
2. Concern in my performance
3. Led to planned change
4. Gave valuable feedback
2b. Assessment of Insightful Practice Template (AIP) [6] Likert 1-7*1 ▪ Anonymous coach assessor (post-coaching session)
Student demonstrated:   
1. Satisfactory engagement with the TIPP process   
2. Insight into feedback provided on performance   
3. Plans for appropriate action where applicable   
4. Engagement, insight and action (global rating of insightful practice)   
5. Suitability for student progression recommendation Binary yes/no ▪ Anonymous coach assessor (post-coaching session)
  1. (2a) completed by student participants (pre-coaching session) and rating questions
  2. (2a, 2b) completed by anonymous web-based portfolio assessors (post coaching session)
  3. *1Likert scale descriptors (1–7): (1) strongly disagree; (3) disagree; (5) agree; (7) strongly agree
  4. *2The AIP assessment has now been included in FIT as a self-assessment (see in Additional file 3)