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Table 1 Profiles of experts in Consultation meeting

From: Developing core competencies for monitoring and evaluation tracks in South Asian MPH programs

Sr. No. Designation Expert’s age Gender Current work / responsibility
1 Lecturer, Department of Public Health <35 years Female Academics and Research
2 Professor, Community Medicine 35-45 years Male Associate Dean (International Health)
3 Adjunct Professor, School of Health Systems and Public Health >45 years Male Academics and M&E expert
4 Program Officer <35 years Female Program Administration
5 Faculty, Department of Public Health 35-45 years Female Academics and Research
6 Head, Continuing Education Program (CEP) & mHealth >45 years Male Implementation and M&E expert
7 Intern <35 years Male Occupational Therapist
8 Senior Instructor, School of Public Health & Community Medicine 35-45 years Female Academics
9 Professor >45 years Male Academics and M&E expert
10 Capacity Building Specialist >45 years Female M&E expert
11 Faculty 35-45 years Male Pedagogy, Academics and Research
12 Programme Manager <35 years Male M&E implementation
13 Lecturer II and Internship Coordinator 35-45 years Male Academics & Research
14 Professor and Head of Department >45 years Female Academics & Research
15 Assistant Professor 35-45 years Male M&E expert
16 Professor and Head >45 years Male Health administration and program management
17 Faculty <35 years Female Epidemiology and Research
18 Professor 35-45 years Male Academics and M&E expert
19 Associate Professor 35-45 years Male Psychology and Program Implementation
20 Professor and Head of Department >45 years Male Health administration, Academics and Research
21 Professor & Head of Department >45 years Male Academics, Pedagogy and Evaluation
22 Ministry of Health >45 years Male M&E expert and Program Implementation
23 Faculty 35-45 years Male M&E expert, Health Information Systems
24 Program Officer <35 years Female Program Administration
25 Head - M&E Unit <35 years Female M&E implementation, Quality Assurance
26 Professor & Head >45 years Male M&E expert and Program Implementation
27 Professor and Director >45 years Male Public Health Education, Academics and Research
28 Professor and Head >45 years Male M&E expert
29 Associate Professor >45 years Male Academics and Research
30 Team Lead >45 years Female M&E and Competency Framework expert