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Table 4 Examples of strategic goals achieved and unachieved by category

From: A process evaluation of PRONTO simulation training for obstetric and neonatal emergency response teams in Guatemala

Goal Category: Teamwork & Communication System & Infrastructure Intercultural Fluency Training
Goals Identified: 15 42 17 19
Goals Achieved: 66.7 % 69.8 % 70.6 % 55.3 %
   Examples of Achieved Goals  
  Assign leadership roles for obstetric emergencies Reorganize/rearrange the clinic Invite traditional midwives to deliveries to improve patient care Train the rest of the clinic in topics/skills learned in the PRONTO training with PartoPants
  Implement SBAR and other communication techniques Request more personnel and support for infrastructure improvements Ask pregnant women questions (i.e., in what position would you like to delivery) Promote PRONTO trainings
  Set-up meetings with personnel to improve communication and organization Create a roster for high risk pregnancies Develop a traditional delivery space Continue training staff on high risk pregnancies
  Use and disseminate the communication rules Replace neonatal resuscitation table Allow drinking of hot water during labor Train the traditional midwives using simulation.
   Examples of Unachieved Goals  
  Include those not attending a delivery in the management of emergency situations Request a bed and other equipment to offer vertical births. Ask women which position she prefers to deliver in Continued training of staff on obstetric emergencies
  Implement and replicate the rules of communication learned Conduct two supply inventories Try offering vertical deliveries Replicate PRONTO with the rest of the staff
  Remind the group to improve communication Streamline drug procurement processes - Sensitize teams to lessons learned