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Table 2 MANOVA comparing scores on standard assessments between pedagogies with tests for between-subjects effects on quizzes and tests

From: Puzzle-based versus traditional lecture: comparing the effects of pedagogy on academic performance in an undergraduate human anatomy and physiology II lab

Multivariate tests Between subject effects
Effect Wilks’ Lambda F Hypothesis df Error df Dependent variable p-value
Teaching style .95 5.588a 3.000 298.000 Quizzes 0.876
Tests 0.846
Order .88 13.459a 3.000 298.000 Quizzes 0.006*
Tests 0.001*
Teaching Style + Order .829 16.353a 3.000 298.000 Quizzes 0.000*
Tests 0.186
  1. *significant at p < 0.05
  2. a exact statistic