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Table 1 Scheme of codes, categories and themes

From: Longitudinal mentorship to support the development of medical students’ future professional role: a qualitative study

Code Category Theme
Difficult to see the future goal A vision of the future as a physician Integrating oneself with one’s future role as a physician
Seeing the future goal through experience in the clinic
Insight into the profession
See that you have made the right choice of profession
Having no physician in the family or among friends
How to combine professional life with private life Hope to manage it
It will work
Self-awareness of one’s own personality The personal and the professional are interlinked
Advice for study tactics versus other interests
Link the professional with oneself-student
Link the professional with oneself–mentor
Distancing oneself
Clinic spurs motivation Clinical experiences with the mentor spur motivation Experiencing clinical reality with the mentor creates incentives to learn
Looking forward to work as a doctor
Positive feelings from experiencing reality
Excitement and fun in the clinic–different terms
Desire for exciting experiences
Being invited
Clinic spurs motivation to study and learn Learning about medicine in the clinic
Connect theoretical knowledge to practice
Novice in the clinic
Interest in medicine
Using the self-assessment form Orientation concerning the physician’s areas of competence Towards understanding the professional competence of a physician
Self-assessment areas
Self-assessment difficult and diffuse
Sets goals to reach
Behaviour in the professional role Learning about professional behaviour
Learning about patient encounters
Getting perspectives
Preparation for difficult situations
Becoming more self-confident
Collegial interaction