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Table 4 Skill training sessions year 1 and year 2

From: Preparation by mandatory E-modules improves learning of practical skills: a quasi-experimental comparison of skill examination results

  Skill training session PE/BMS   Skill training session PE/ BMS
  Year 1    Year 2  
1.1 General examination and measuring blood pressure PE 2.1 Repetition of neurological examination PE
1.2 First aid BMS 2.2 Joint examination: Knee and ankle PE
1.3 Examination of head and neck PE 2.3 Joint examination: Wrist and hand, repetition of elbow PE
1.4 Joint examination: Elbow and shoulder PE 2.4 Giving injections intramuscular and subcutaneous BMS
1.5 Neurological examination: Inspection, tonus, strength PE 2.5 Gynecology BMS
1.6 Neurological examination: Reflexes, sensibility PE 2.6 Resuscitation 2 BMS
1.7 Examination of the heart PE 2.7 Repetition of abdominal examination PE
1.8 Examination of the lungs PE 2.8 Intravenous line BMS
1.9 Abdominal examination: inspection, auscultation and percussion PE 2.9 Examination of ear BMS
1.10 Abdominal examination: percussion and palpation PE 2.10 Repetition of examination of heart and lungs PE
1.11 Cleaning and stitching wounds BMS 2.11 Eye examination BMS
1.12 Joint examination: Hip and spine PE 2.12 Obstetrics BMS
1.13 Venipuncture (2 training sessions) BMS    
1.14 Resuscitation and AED BMS    
1.15 Examination of blood vessels PE    
  1. PE physical examination
  2. BMS basic medical skill