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Table 1 Examples of assessment tools incorporating multiple CanMEDS roles

From: Designing faculty development to support the evaluation of resident competency in the intrinsic CanMEDS roles: practical outcomes of an assessment of program director needs

Assessment tool Competencies assesseda Specialty
Encounter Cards/Logs All roles General Practice [34]; Emergency Medicine [35]
All roles except S Surgery [36]
Field Notes COM, M, ME Family Medicine [37]
All roles Obstetrics [38]
Multisource Feedback All roles except HA Internal Medicine [39]
Objective Structured Clinical Exam All roles Neonatal-perinatal [40]; Surgery [41]
COL, COM, HA, P Pediatric Hematology & Oncology [42]
Objective Structured Performance-Related Exam COL, COM, M, ME, P Surgery [43]
Portfolios All roles Diagnostic Radiology [44]; Pediatrics [45]
Simulations COL, COM, ME Internal Medicine [46]
Structured Oral Exams All roles Neonatal-perinatal [47]
COM, HA, S Internal Medicine [48]
  1. aCOL Collaborator, COM Communicator, HA Health Advocate, M Manager, ME Medical Expert, P Professional, S Scholar