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Table 1 Modules and mini lectures

From: Developing a fully integrated tobacco curriculum in medical colleges in India

No: Module title Power point presentations: mini lectures (ML) Semester given
1 Tobacco issues in basic medical practice and professionalism ML-1 Burden of Tobacco 1
ML-2 Tobacco as a risky behavior for patients and the family 1
ML-3 Role of doctors in tobacco control, including 5As 3
2 Tobacco and Community Medicine and Public Health ML-1 Burden of tobacco and global tobacco control 1
ML-2 Tobacco and occupational health 1
ML-3 Hazard of passive smoking and smoke free environment 1
ML-4 Cessation strategies and social support 1
ML-5 Tobacco impact on the family and economy 1
3 Tobacco and the musculoskeletal system ML-1 Nicotine effects on pain. 3
ML-2 Tobacco and back pain and osteoporosis 6
4 Tobacco and the endocrine system ML-1 Tobacco and diabetes 3
ML-2 Tobacco and other metabolic disorders (hyperlipidemia, obesity) 3
5 Tobacco effects on the cardiovascular system ML-1 Epidemiology of CVD and tobacco 3
ML-2 Tobacco as CVD risk factors and the mechanism 3
ML-3 Important of cessation in patients with CVD 3
6 Tobacco and the gastrointestinal system ML-1 Tobacco and oral diseases 1
ML-2 Tobacco and common abdominal disorders 6
7 Tobacco and the reproductive system ML-1 Tobacco effects on pregnancy 3
ML-2 Tobacco effects on fertility 3
ML-3 Passive smoking and pregnancy 3
8 Tobacco effects and neoplasia ML-1 Tobacco and carcinogenesis 4
ML-2 Tobacco and respiratory tract cancer 4
ML-3 Tobacco and digestive cancer 4
ML-4 Tobacco and urogenital cancer 4
ML-5 Tobacco cessation as an important part of cancer management 4
9 Tobacco and the nervous system ML-1 Tobacco and stroke 4
ML-2 Tobacco and pain 4
ML-3 Nicotine effects on neurodegenerative diseases 4
10 Tobacco effects on the respiratory system ML-1 Tobacco and TB 6
ML-2 Tobacco and COPD 6
ML-3 Tobacco and asthma 6
11 Tobacco and mental health ML-1 Nicotine addiction 6
ML-2 Tobacco and depression and anxiety 6
ML-3 Tobacco and schizophrenia 6
12 Tobacco and the sensory organs ML-1 Tobacco and the aging eye (cataract and age related macular degeneration) 7
ML-2 Tobacco and skin (aging and wound healing) 6
13 Tobacco and children’s health ML-1Tobacco effects on respiratory health in children 5
ML-2 Other tobacco effects on children’s health 5
14 Tobacco and the uropoetic system ML-1 Tobacco effect and erectile dysfunction 6
15 Tobacco and adolescents ML-1 Tobacco use among adolescents 1
ML-2 Effect of tobacco use on adolescent growth and development 1
ML-3 Risk factors for tobacco initiation 1
ML-4 Tobacco advertising and marketing to youth 1
ML-5 Tobacco prevention and cessation for adolescents 1
  1. Note: For additional information on the specific objectives for each module, refer to the tobacco curriculum for medical colleges on the Project QTI website: