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Table 1 Competencies (Domains), subdomains, and question types in the MMI stations

From: Past-behavioural versus situational questions in a postgraduate admissions multiple mini-interview: a reliability and acceptability comparison

Station number Competency (Domain) Sub-domain Question format
Station 1 PCPS (IV.A. 5. a)* (1)** Managing patient problems (treatment, health promotion) PBQ
(2)** Performing procedures competently SQ
Station 2 PBLI (IV.A. 5. c)* (8)** Educating others PBQ
(3)** Identifying and performing learning activities SQ
Station 3 ICS (IV.A. 5. d)* (1)** Communicating effectively with patients PBQ
(2)** Communicating effectively with physicians SQ
Station 4 Pro (IV.A. 5. e)* (4)** Being accountable to patients, society, and the profession PBQ
(2)** Responding patient needs that supersedes self-interest SQ
Station 5 SBP (IV.A. 5. f)* (5)** Working in interprofessional teams to enhance patient safety PBQ
(2)** Coordinating patient care within the health care system SQ
  1. PCPS: Patient Care and Procedural Skills, PBLI: Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, ICS: Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Pro: Professionalism, SBP: System-Based Practice.
  2. PBQ: Past Behavioural Question, SQ: Situational Question.
  3. *The Competency (Domain) number in ACGME Common Program Requirements [36].
  4. **The Sub-domain number within the Competency (Domain) in ACGME Common Program Requirements [36].