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Table 9 Theme making a difference in the community

From: The influences of background on beginning medical students’ perceptions of rural medical practice

Urban background “Rural doctors have a tough life, but their efforts will be forever a mark on an appreciative, under-privileged community.”
“Rural practice gives you immense satisfaction of knowing you are assisting underserved populations.”
“Rural areas hold an untapped resource potential, providing rural doctors with the opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge on rural, remote, tropical and indigenous issues.”
Rural background “Doctors are able to form close-knit networks with their communities and are often seen as a mentor, listener and even friend.”
“Working in a small community and developing strong relationships, they will feel they are making a substantial difference to the well-being of the town.”
“Building of relationships within the community offers the moments that can make a difference to healthy outcomes for the doctor, their family and the community.”