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Table 8 Theme 6 diversity of practice

From: The influences of background on beginning medical students’ perceptions of rural medical practice

Urban background “A much greater diversity of cases and the lack of speciality doctors means the doctor would see all parts of the medicine branch.”
“Doctors who work in these areas deal with a variety of different cases that they may not usually treat. A rural doctor will have to do additional reading and research to extend their knowledge of medicine in order to treat such cases.”
Rural background “Rural work gives rural doctors a chance to practice medicine across a wide variety of disciplines, rather than just one sub-speciality.”
• “Rural doctors handle the diversity of illness due to exposure to livestock and injury though the handling of farm equipment is far greater.”
“Indigenous health is a priority area for rural doctor, they need to be trained to not only know about the specific health needs of indigenous people, but also work alongside them to promote positive health outcomes.”