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Table 7 Theme 5 doctor/patient relationship

From: The influences of background on beginning medical students’ perceptions of rural medical practice

Urban background “It is important to be able to build solid trusting relations with patients as life and work are more closely linked in small communities as friends may also be patients.”
“Working in a rural community means privacy concerns are more palpable than if the doctor was working in the city.”
“It is highly important that the doctor presents him/herself in a trusting, helpful and knowledgeable manner in order to gain the respect and trust of community members.”
Rural background “It is likely that if a patient walks into his office, there would be no need for introductions to be exchanged. However, a small slip of the tongue could lead to a major confidentiality issue which in turn could lessen a communities faith in the doctor.”
“Rural doctors have a deeper understanding of what their patients do and why their health is important, as a result they are better equipped to treat them.”
“Provides opportunity to see patients from the beginning to the end of their treatments, forming bonds with the community members and gaining respect and satisfaction.”