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Table 4 Theme 1 rural lifestyle

From: The influences of background on beginning medical students’ perceptions of rural medical practice

Urban background “Rural doctors coming from larger cities will have to sacrifice the lifestyle they are used too, including technological advantages and reliance on co-workers and partners.”
“The main concern faced by many rural doctors…would be adapting to the lifestyle…due to the smaller population, it would be hard for the doctor to separate work and social life and privacy could become a problem.”
“In comparison to metropolitan areas, there are often significantly less facilities available…These factors can often lead to greater hardships in dealing with stress and finding enjoyment. Also, social interaction can be difficult due to geographic factors, resulting in isolation and in more severe circumstances, depression.”
“Rural doctors can also face the challenge of finding schools for their children and work for their partner.”
Rural background “For many, adapting to a small community poses some challenges and rewards…its more difficult to stay at the right balance of casual and professional, placing further stress on the physician.”
“There is a wonderful social aspect, which allows the doctor to connect with their community and colleagues in a way that would not be possible for a doctor in a metropolitan area.”
“Obviously not the same variety of entertainment one will find in a city but by forming relationships with the locals, it is easy to maintain a good social life as well.”
“The singularly most worthwhile aspect of being a rural doctor is the lifestyle. Despite being on call, the laid back, calm rural atmosphere creates an experience that it is better felt than described.”