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Table 5 Factors influencing comfort level of the clinical use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

From: Cannabis in medicine: a national educational needs assessment among Canadian physicians

Factor Agree* Neutral Disagree*
N % N % N %
I would feel more comfortable discussing the medical use of cannabis with patients/patient family members if I had more education about it 304 71 56 13 54 13
I feel that with more education I would be better able to treat patients using medical cannabis 300 70 57 13 56 13
I would feel more comfortable authorizing medical cannabis if Health Canada offered me protection from liability 265 62 87 20 60 14
I would feel more comfortable if physicians who participated in access to CTP were required to undergo a specific training or licensing program 259 61 81 19 74 17
  1. Percentages may not add up to 100% as missing data or non-responses are not included.
  2. *Likert scale responses were collapsed to dichotomous outcomes: agree (strongly agree and agree) and disagree (strongly disagree and disagree).