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Table 3 Perceived barriers regarding the use of CTP

From: Cannabis in medicine: a national educational needs assessment among Canadian physicians

Factor n 1 %
Concern that patients who request medical cannabis may actually want it for recreational purposes 279 65
Lack of clinical guidelines for the use of cannabis for medical purposes 271 64
Risks and benefits are not sufficiently clear for potential therapeutic uses 237 56
Lack of personal knowledge/education or information regarding the use of cannabis for medical purposes 214 50
Insufficient information regarding the appropriate use of cannabis for medical purposes 212 50
Instruction from medical associations, licensing bodies, Royal College, College of Family Physicians or Canadian Medical Protective Association 201 47
Potential liability concerns 194 46
Concern about possible side effects 190 45
Uncertainty about possible interactions with other medications 167 39
Belief that cannabis is not an appropriate treatment in a specific case 141 33
Requirement to sign a declaration indicating awareness that cannabis is not an approved therapeutic under the Food and Drug Regulations 138 32
Uncertainty over whether cannabis has any medicinal value 117 27
Availability of prescription cannabinoids (e.g. nabiximols, dronabinol or nabilone) 98 23
Other 66 15
  1. 1Subjects may choose more than one response.