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Table 1 Analysis of knowledge scores and gaps for therapeutic use of cannabis (ranked by gap size)

From: Cannabis in medicine: a national educational needs assessment among Canadian physicians

Knowledge area Mean current knowledge score (1–5) Mean desired knowledge score (1–5) Mean GAP 1
Dosing and creating effective treatment plans for patients using medical cannabis 2.25 3.95 1.78
Similarities and differences between dried cannabis, other forms of cannabis products, and prescription cannabinoid medications 2.36 4.00 1.70
Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) Program 2.43 3.99 1.60
Laws and regulations surrounding the medical use of cannabis 2.65 4.11 1.49
Safety, warning signs and precautions for patients using medical cannabis 2.84 4.21 1.48
Alternative routes of administration of medical cannabis 2.72 4.02 1.42
Mechanism of action of cannabis (endocannabinoid system) 2.78 4.06 1.39
Potential risks of using cannabis for medical purposes 3.06 4.23 1.28
Potential therapeutic uses for cannabis 3.07 4.17 1.22
  1. 1Gap is calculated (using individual response pairs) = (desired knowledge level -current knowledge level).