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Table 5 Qualitative analysis – selected student quotes

From: Impact of a personal learning plan supported by an induction meeting on academic performance in undergraduate Obstetrics and Gynaecology: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Aspects of the PLP and induction meeting that worked well Aspects of the PLP and induction meeting that could be improved
“Development of the learning plan. Don’t think I would construct a proper learning plan without the induction meeting”. Student 11: 95% attendance, 53% score. “I did not have any follow up meeting after the rotation ended so if that'd happen it would be very useful”. Student 21: 98% attendance, 55% score.
“One on one means you can talk openly”. Student 60: 96% attendance, 58% score. “Perhaps more tips from previous students who did well”. Student 66: 90% attendance, 51% score
“Often you only realise what is expected of you halfway through a rotation, so this meeting gave 1-2 weeks headstart. Would be useful to have in all clinical rotations”. Student 50: 95% attendance, 59% score. “It may have worked better in a small group setting, just because that would encourage the setting up of study groups amongst students, and also students could learn from the studying methods of their peers”. Student 51: 80% attendance, 57% score.
“It gives a focus to what needs to be done and makes the goals seem achievable”. Student 40: 83% attendance, 56% score. “My learning plan was too ambitious, hard to judge before knowing much about the course”. Student 62: 74% attendance, 52% score.
“It was so positive, an individualised pep talk. The information on clinical learning was extremely useful outside of obs/gyne too”. Student 41: 94% attendance, 58% score. “It was difficult to stick to the learning plan, when the lecture topics and what week of the clinical O + G rotation you were on did not correspond!” Student 15: 95% attendance, 61% score.