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Table 2 Lesions detected by trainee endoscopists during 3782 colonoscopies

From: Trainee colonoscopists fulfil quality standards for the detection of adenomatous polyps

Lesion Total/Detection rate
Lesions total (Polyps, Carcinomas) 3064
Polyps 2944
Adenomas 1537
 among them: Advanced Adenomas 379
 Hyperplastic Polyps 632
 No polyp/normal mucosa (according to pathological report) 503
 Unresected polyps:  
 due to coagulopathy/blood-thinning medications 175
 due to insufficient bowel preparation 32
Polyps being lost after resection 31
Carcinomas 120
Polyp detection rate* 42%
Adenoma detection rate* 23%
Cases with at least 1 Adenoma 862
Cases with 2 or more Adenomas 339
Advanced Adenoma detection rate* 7%
Cases with at least 1 Advanced Adenoma 281
Cases with 2 or more Advanced Adenomas 54
  1. Values are presented as n (%).
  2. *Detection rates were defined as number of colonoscopies in which one or more lesion was found divided by the number of colonoscopies performed.