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Table 3 Factor analysis of assessment scale of social media use in medicine

From: Assessment of medical students’ attitudes on social media use in medicine: a cross-sectional study

   Factor loading
Factors Items 1 2 3 4 5
(1) Usefulness Today, the use of social media in medicine is a necessity 0.672     
  Social media is a platform where the recycling of quality information is ensured 0.719     
  Social media is an easy way of knowledge acquisition 0.641     
  The sharing of current information regarding medicine through social media is important for the professional development of physicians 0.781     
  Social media use helps improve the quality of healthcare 0.774     
  Social media contributes to creativity in our profession 0.744     
(2) Popularity Physicians actively using social media are more popular among their colleagues   0.750    
  Popularity in social media enables access to more patient groups   0.778    
(3) Ethics Social media brings along professional or legal risks for physicians    0.788   
  It is hard for patients to differentiate healthy and reliable medical information from incorrect or groundless information    0.832   
(4) Barriers I am too busy to participate in social media     0.717  
  I don’t have time to learn social media usage intended for professional purposes     0.812  
  If I start using it, I am concerned that social media will take a lot of time     0.649  
(5) Personal Innovativeness I actively seek new ways to use social media in my practice      0.811
  I usually find out about new social media applications      0.699