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Table 2 Students that Agree or Strongly Agree "I Could Directly Relate what I Learned in the Following Module Components to Real Patient Interactions in my Preceptor's Office"

From: Improving education in primary care: development of an online curriculum using the blended learning model

Module Component % Strongly Agree or Agree
Two: The Art of Medicine (n = 50) Patients who miss appointments* 91
  Obtaining Informed Consent 88
  Finding the Hidden Agenda 74
  The Confidential Adolescent Interview 70
  The Mental Status Exam in the Elderly 60
Three: The Practice of Medicine (n = 44) URI/Antibiotic Over prescribing 96
  Treatment of Hypertension in a Diabetic Patient 93
  Use of Asthma Guidelines 91
  Working up Knee Pain/CAM 89
  Weight Loss in the Elderly/Using Online Resources 75
Four: Preventive Medicine (n = 14) Metabolic Syndrome 93
  Smoking Prevention 86
  Secondary Complications of Diabetes 85
  Falls in the Elderly 71
  Patient Education Exercise 71
  Childhood Accidents 50 50
  1. * n = 15 for this component due to error in survey form