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Table 1 Details of each assessment entered into the analysis

From: An intercalated BSc degree is associated with higher marks in subsequent medical school examinations

Written Degree Exams (Years 1–5) Year 1
Systems I (MCQ)
Basic Science for Medicine (MCQ)
Systems II (MCQ)
  Year 2  
  Principles of Medicine I (EMQ) WR2:1
  Principles of Medicine II (EMQ and MEQ) WR2:2
  Community Course II (MEQ) WR2:3
  Principles of Medicine III (EMQ and MEQ) WR2:4
  Year 3  
  Principles of Medicine IV a (EMQ and MEQ) WR3:1
  Principles of Medicine IV b (EMQ and MEQ) WR3:2
  Year 4  
  Specialist Clinical Practice II (EMQ, MEQ, MCQ) WR4
Clinical (OSCE) exams (Years 3–5) Year 3  
  Clinical Skills II OSCE3
  Year 4  
  Clinical Practice II OSCE4
  Year 5  
  Finals OSCE5
Journal-style paper assessments (Years 3–5) Year 3  
  Community Course III JP3
  Year 4  
  Student Selected Module (SSM) JP4
  Year 5  
  Paramedical Elective JP5:1
  Medical Elective JP5:2