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Table 1 Hypothesised competency levels for the FSEP assessment variable

From: Rasch scaling procedures for informing development of a valid Fetal Surveillance Education Program multiple-choice assessment

RANZCOG FSEP Expert a priori specified competency levels
Level 1 CTG use under supervision.
• Understanding the basic physiology of fetal heart rate control
• Being able to recognise what is normal and physiologically correct
• Being able to recognise an abnormal CTG or heart rate pattern
• Knowing who to call for assistance
• Being able to set up and apply a CTG
• Know the principles of conservative management and be able to apply these under supervision
Level 2 Recognising trends in FHR Patterns and the implications of those trends.
• Being able to perform as an independent practitioner, with access to senior/supervisory staff
• Being able to recognise and manage an abnormal CTG and appreciate the underpinning physiology
• Having a detailed knowledge of indications for EFM
• Appreciate the different modes of fetal monitoring and the indications and implications for each
• Appreciate the implications of different management strategies
• Being able to provide basic education for Level 1 practitioners
Level 3 Recognising errors in the interpretation and management of CTG abnormalities, and the implications of those errors.
• Being able to instruct and teach others in EFM and fetal surveillance
• Have a detailed knowledge of the normal and abnormal CTG, including the underpinning physiology
• Being able to recognise and manage unusual abnormalities
• Be able to manage multiple cases in a range of circumstances and understand the implications of those actions
• Being able to nominate other investigations as required and understand their limitations and implications
• Circumstances for referral and applied systems