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Table 2 Main constructs and themes identified from the discussions

From: Postgraduate education for Chinese medicine practitioners: a Hong Kong perspective

Main constructs Themes Number of codes
A. Current helplessness about local career development 1. Lack of career and professional development opportunities 5
  2. Difficulties in persevering commitment and tendency to leave the local TCM profession 12
B. Views on current post graduate training 1. Need to improve professional competency and status 10
  2. Disappointment with current post graduate training 21
C. Desired reform in post graduate training 1. Supervised, practice based learning style 19
  2. Progressive competency based training linked with career development 13
  3. Training program accreditation and trainees' involvement in design and evaluation 20
D. Expressed educational needs beyond TCM 1. Better knowledge of western medicine for better integration and patient care 32
  2. Better team working with other primary care professionals and better practitioner-patient communication 20